Petitioner or Sponsor

At Our Office we have a professional group prepared and trained to help you fill out your sponsorship form (I134A). ¡Visitus! We clarify all your doubts, guide you. 

Below we briefly explain some aspects that we consider important to share with you.

Some examples of people who meet the support person requirement include:

  • United States Citizens and Nationals.
  • Legal Permanent Residents, Legal Temporary Residents, and Conditional Permanent Residents.
  • Nonimmigrants with lawful status (meaning, they maintain their nonimmigrant status and have not violated any of the terms or conditions of their nonimmigrant status).
  • Asylees, refugees and people with temporary residence permits (“parolees”).
  • People who were granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS).
  • Be a recipient of deferred action or Deferred Enforced Departure (including childhood) or DED.

¿Do I need to be a relative of a beneficiary to file a Form I-134A on their behalf under the process?

No. Anyone who meets the requirements to be a support person and is confirmed by USCIS may support eligible beneficiaries or their immediate family members regardless of whether the support person is related to the beneficiary.

¿I want to support a family of four. Can I file a single Form I-134A for the entire family? 

No. Support persons must file a separate Form I-134A for each beneficiary, including minor children. Please note that children under the age of 18 must travel to the United States in the care and custody of their parent or legal guardian.

You must file a separate Form I-134A for each beneficiary whom you want to agree to support. While there is no limit to the number of beneficiaries a support person can agree to support, USCIS will determine if a support person has the financial ability to support all beneficiaries during the parole period, which is up to two years.

¿I am a US citizen, but I live abroad. Could I be eligible to become a support person?  

To be eligible to become a support person, you must reside in the United States.

Here we leave you a Guide with the information that you must bring when filling out the I134A form. Both the Sponsor and the Beneficiary. NOTE: There is information that is mandatory, others are not. You come with what you have, we will guide you here.

From the Petitioner or Sponsor

  •  Residence (i551) or Certificate of Citizenship.
  •  Social Security number.
  • ID with a valid address in the US.
  • Mailing Address, if different.
  • Telephone in the US.
  • Email.
  • Transcripts of the last taxes (I recommend 3 years). It can be the taxes (1040) but the transcripts.
  • Bank account information (Checking and Savings)(it is important that you have a letter from the bank saying since when you openedthe account and how much money has been contributed in this period).
  • If you own a home, evidence of payment of the Real Estate(State and/or form1098).
  • Information about the value of all the assets you have (equity, etc.)
  • If you are a business owner, Business information, SS4, Sunbiz, etc.
  • If you have Shares, Cryptos, Bonds, etc., provide information with reportsissued.
  • If you are employed by someone, bring a letter signed by the boss with theInformation about when you started and how much your income is.
  • Relationship with the Beneficiary. 

Of the Beneficiary

  • Passport (Mandatory to have it).
  • Address information.
  • Telephone.
  • Email.
  • Time (period) you expect to remain in the US.

Note: Taxes by themselves are not considered valid evidence to beused in this way. Everything must be substantiated with accounting evidence.