Our Story

  • We are a group of persons dedicated to provide a service to all persons, group or entity (such as small or middle corporation) that need our help in any of the branches that we work with. We offer services of bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, translation of documents (English – Spanish, Spanish – English)
  • We have more than 10 years of experience offering our service to the community. Mainly the Spanish community.
  • We offer services in English and Spanish
  • We have certifications in Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Public Notary.
  • Our rich experience using the Internet and the programming tools have helped us to make a more efficient approach to the people along all these years. Offering tools like remote service, saving money and time to our customers

Our Pledge Of Confidentiality

Our business maintains the strictest confidence and inscrutability concerning our clients’ affairs and their privacy.

All the data processed is kept secured using the most current technology and available for our customers 24/7 only upon request.

You can be absolutely assured that no one will learn about your business or tax status – even friends and relatives (unless they’re married and filing together), associates or friends who may have referred you to us.


We strive to educate others in the best ways to manage their finances and have the information to make good decisions.


We offer many financial services explained in more detail here.

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