What would you choose between a million dollars tax-free to “spend it” to your liking or a bag full of good ideas?


“Wealth flows from energy and ideas.” – William Feather


At the introductory question, you may have decided on the so attractive idea of the instant cash in your hands. I do not criticize anyone who chose on this option it’s almost irresistible to please your most immediate needs. However, I would choose the bag of ideas without even thinking twice, even in the worst-case scenario I would always choose to be blessed with the knowledge. Many people who have obtained larger amounts of money don’t count on anything nowadays, that is the great power of the Financial Education. “Empty your pockets in your mind and your mind will fill your pockets”. The entire world has been set on the foundation of brilliant ideas, of course these ideas must be accompanied by actions to make them effective. And to break those barriers you first need Financial Education!

The greatest asset that all humans have is our mind and the thinking capacity along with the knowledge accumulated. That’s the reason why we are here, to share our knowledge, the experiences acquired with the years and even the mistakes that we made. In this way we are expanding even more the commitment that we already have with the community in relation to bookkeeping, finances, tax preparation (personal and corporate), consulting and more. Now we reaffirm our commitment by bringing to you and your family the only education that isn’t taught in the school, the Financial Education. Nevertheless, we are in favor of any education of any kind, people have none or little knowledge about credit, budget, savings and money management in general. At home, families dodge talk about money and oftentimes it’s demonized and erroneously manipulated by societies.

Let us mediate amongst yourself, the money and your knowledge. It’s time to act, there is a day that you can change your destiny. That day is today!

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Please note our July 8th seminar will be in Spanish only.